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USPS National and Nebraska News

News from USPS National and USPS Nebraska Area.
01/22/2021 08:19
The U.S. Postal Service celebrates the Lunar New Year with the release of the Lunar New Year: Year of the Ox Forever stamp. The Year of the Ox begins Feb. 12, 2021, and ends Jan. 31, 2022.
01/22/2021 08:18
美國郵政署發行「農曆新年:牛年永久郵票」(Lunar New Year: Year of the Ox Forever stamp) 來慶祝農曆新年。. 牛年始於 2021 年 2 月 12 日 並於 2022 年 1 月 31 日結束。
01/22/2021 08:17
WASHINGTON — The U.S. Postal Service announced the appointment of three members to the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC).
01/19/2021 10:49
WASHINGTON, DC — The U.S. Postal Service today released an updated 2020 Post-Election Analysis that outlined the steps the agency took to deliver a record 136 million ballots and Election Mailpieces during the 2020 General Election and the two run-off elections for the United States Senate in Georgia. Read the full report here: about.usps.com/newsroom/national-releases/2021/usps_postelectionanalysis_1-12-21_georgia.pdf
01/15/2021 12:26
WASHINGTON, DC — Major League Baseball All-Star Yogi Berra was widely known for his colorful comments. Today, he receives a new distinction as the U.S. Postal Service announces several additional stamps to be issued in 2021 featuring him, science fiction and fantasy author Ursula K. Le Guin and artist Emilio Sanchez.
01/15/2021 09:41
DATELINE — Postal customers in Lincoln, NE, will see some changes as the city makes security preparations for the potential upcoming civil events.
12/14/2020 10:52
WASHINGTON, DC — You’re very nearly there! It’s the last week to get those holiday gifts and greetings in the mail by the recommended deadlines. Dec. 14 – 21 is expected to be the Postal Service’s busiest week of the holiday mailing and shipping season.
12/02/2020 10:15
The Post Offices below will be open on the following Sundays this holiday season.
11/12/2020 09:08
WASHINGTON, DC — It’s important to practice good safety protocols all day, every day. But it’s especially important during the holiday season. There’s so much to do to get ready — with all the decorating, shopping and cooking — sometimes people lose sight of common hazards that could ruin the holidays.
08/21/2020 14:52
WASHINGTON, DC — As part of its ongoing effort to ensure that voters and election officials have the information they need to successfully use the U.S. Mail to vote in the November general elections, the U.S. Postal Service has launched a new Election Mail website. The website, which provides clear and concise information about voting by mail, is available 24/7 by going to: usps.com/votinginfo.

PostalPro News

News from PostalPro
01/22/2021 05:00
Information regarding eligibility, rules, and requirements for the Seamless Incentive.
01/22/2021 05:00
2021 Tactile, Sensory, and Interactive Promotion Webinar Recording Select Download, then enter the Passcode in order to view this Webinar Recording. You will need to enter a Passcode . See below for the Passcode. Passcode !i$LhP02