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APS Stamp Show

APS Stamp Show 2019


August 1-4, 2019
Thurs. -  Sat. 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.  • Sun. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.


CHI Health Center Omaha
455 N. 10th St. • Omaha, NE 68102
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* Military Dogs U.S. First Day - Special Show Cachet & Cancel

* 75+ Dealers - Public Auction - Cachetmakers Bourse

* 800+ Frames of Exhibits & Three of America's Rarest Postal Items

* 35+ Meetings & Seminar - On-the-Road Courses


Admission is FREE!

The show is family-friendly and FREE to the public.
Pre-registration is recommended to help you save time and avoid on-site registration lines.


Pop Quiz answers

Pop Quiz Answer sheet

Question 1 - How many members make up the GO!PCC?

Answer - B) 600+ - There are more than 600 individuals from large and small businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations as well as schools and universities. That is a lot of people to connect with and grow your network.

Question 2 - The GO!PCC provides face to face learning opportunities to our members on average every _____?

Answer - C) 90 days - At least quarterly the GO!PCC invites our membership to an event to learn about Postal processes and programs to aide in your day to day operations. We are always open to suggestions about topics that you as a member are interested in having presented at one of our educational opportunities.

Question 3 - In 2019 the GO!PCC will be hosting the _____ annual golf tournament?

Answer - D) 19th - Not every meeting has to be in doors and early morning. Once a year we host a golf tournament and invite our membership to participate. Enjoy the networking enjoy the weather, but don't be surprised if some mailing industry talk slips into the conversation.  It is a nice way to end a busy work week.

Question 4 - Since 2013 how many times has the GO!PCC received the USPS Premier Gold Level Certification?

Answer - C) 5 - Yes the GO!PCC is recognized nationally as a Premier PCC organization for the work we do with our community partners. The GO!PCC local network is part of the National PCC network of Postal and Industry professionals providing innovations for the mailing industry.

The Greater Omaha Postal Customer Council is a great resource for local and national networking opprotunites. Please join us at our quarterly events and pass this information on to anyone who would benefit from our years of both Postal and Industry experience. Thank you for taking the GO!PCC Pop Quiz.

Recap December 2018


GO!PCC Holiday Gathering 2018 Recap

 Anthony's Steakhouse catered the event at their location on F St in Omaha, NE.

We had a great turn out, with 74 attendees we had a full house for the GO!PCC event.

 DSC 2280

DSC 2268

The Q Street Quartet serenaded the crowd during lunch, singing our favorite Christmas and holiday songs, always a crowd pleaser. Looking forward to working with them again in the future. 

DSC 2272

Guest speaker Michael Plunkett spoke to the attendees about the changing regulatory and legislative environment. How these changes would effect the USPS and our customers in 2019.

2019 Postal Service Leadership Changes

Postal Service Leadership Changes

Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer, Megan J. Brennan, has announced the following leadership changes: 
Isaac Cronkhite has been named as Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and Executive Vice President (Acting) effective January 19.  Jeff Williamson, prior CHRO has returned to the private sector.
Jeff Johnson, Vice President, Information Technology has been named Vice President, Enterprise Analytics (Acting) effective January 19.
Pritha Mehra, Vice President, Mail Entry and Payment Technology, has been named Vice President, Information Technology (Acting) effective January 19.
Marc McCrery, Director, Delivery and Retail Technology, has been named Vice President, Mail Entry and Payment Technology (Acting) effective January 19.
Ed Phelan, Vice President, Northeast Area Operations, has announced his retirement effective February 3.
Eric Chavez, District Manager, Suncoast, has been named Vice President, Northeast Area Operations (Acting) effective February 3.
Scott Bombaugh has been named as Vice President, Engineering Systems effective January 19.