Mike Croom

Mike Croom
Mike Croom
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Since 1987 IKON has provided professional Mail Center management as an integral component of its management services. The majority of our over 1,700 worldwide on-site operations include Mail Center services as a key project component.

As a comprehensive service and technology company, IKON views Mail Center operations as a focal point of its corporate initiative to help businesses communicate. Strategic partnerships with leading equipment manufacturers and major carriers allow IKON field professionals to offer the most complete product and service portfolio for Mail Center management in the industry. The company currently maintains relationships with every major shipping carrier, including the United States Postal Service (USPS), United Parcel Service (UPS), Federal Express and

As a service company, IKON acknowledges the importance of placing the right person in the right job and is committed to identifying qualified candidates (preferably with previous mail experience) to staff on-site Mail Centers. We encourage active participation in professional organizations (e.g., the Mail Systems Management Association, or MSMA; the Postal Customer Council, or PCC). Our goal is for Mail Center professionals to remain current in all aspects of mail operations, industry trends and emerging technologies. We provide support for and attend industry trade shows (e.g., National Postal Forum, MAILCOM). In addition, IKON proactively engages partners (including equipment manufacturers and carriers such as UPS and the USPS) in training opportunities, participation in customer forums and shared development of resources.

Because each Mail Center opportunity is unique, IKON customizes processes to meet the specific requirements of each business. We base all processes on best practices developed to conform to standard customer requirements and industry-specific regulatory requirements. To ensure the timely update and modification of business processes, IKON actively participates in postal forums and routinely reviews best practices. Further, IKON is committed to hiring Mail Center managers and analysts with a solid background in Mail Center operations.

IKON regularly reviews all processes to maximize productivity and cost savings. Any process changes are reviewed with the customer before implementation and compared to contracted service performance levels to ensure compliance.

A written record of IKON?s mail processes and procedures is maintained in each on-site Mail Center. This record is updated as changes are introduced and serves as the basis for on-site training. In addition to site-specific training, IKON?s operational training program includes modules designed to educate all employees on standard Mail Center operating procedures and core USPS requirements. These materials are supplemented by materials supplied directly by the USPS, organizational associations and IKON manufacturing-partners.

The advancement of our Mail Center technology will ensure that we meet anticipated customer needs and maximize productivity and cost effectiveness. Frontline mail management experts?through professional associations, industry vendor contacts and materials, and trade shows evaluate and recommend new products in individual IKON areas.

Our goal is to provide the right mix of technology from the manufacturers best equipped to address each customer?s specific needs. Recent Mail Center implementations at customer locations have included equipment from Hasler, Pitney Bowes, Neopost, PFE and Bowe Bell+Howell.

IKON?s business focuses on helping customers communicate better through integrated service and technology offerings. Mail Center operations represent a significant facet of our total solutions package.